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Tips When Writing Your Vow Renewal Vows

Renewal of Vow tips

Tips When Writing Your Vow Renewal Vows

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Whether you used traditional vows for your first ceremony or you wrote your own, coming up with something fresh, wonderful and definitive of the time you and your sweetheart have spent together isn’t always easy. You want vows that say what’s in your heart and chances are you want them to stand apart from those used in your first ceremony.

To help you get started on writing your vow, here are a few tips that might make the words flow more freely:

Tell story: You and your special someone are renewing your vows. That means you’ve spent years and perhaps even decades together. Is there a defining moment in your time together that embodies why your honey is so special to you? Tell that story and use it as a springboard to renew your commitment to each other.

Keep a journal: In the weeks and days leading up to your vow renewal ceremony, carry around a journal for jotting down vow ideas. Use it to list out the reasons for your love, why your personal connection is so deep and why you’re willing to stand up and say “I do” all over again. Use those notes to help you craft the actual vows you’ll recite during your ceremony.

You can get ideas or borrow words from the others: Can’t come up with just the right words to express why your spouse is so special to you? It’s OK to borrow words from the greats when they fit and relate what’s in your heart. If you have a song together, a favorite poem or even lines from a movie that fit what you mean to each other, use them. Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Just be sure to put your own special spin on the sentiments expressed.

Write from the heart: You write it like Shakespeare to craft renewal vows that won’t leave a dry eye in the house. Just say what’s in your heart. Tell the person you love why you do and what it is about them that makes you want to spend your entire life walking hand-in-hand.

Keep it simple: Remember when you stood and recited your vows at your original wedding? Remember how the words didn’t matter as much as the look in your eye and how it reflected what was in your heart? If you’re saying “I do” once again, that same rule applies. With that in mind, just keep your vows simple and heartfelt and you can’t go wrong.

Writing your own unique vows for a renewal ceremony is a wonderful way to reflect back on the years and how your special someone has become even more so through time. Keep in mind, if you say what’s truly in your heart, your words are guaranteed to be perfect.

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