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Choosing a good, confident, well-spoken celebrant can mean the difference between a successful ceremony and an unsuccessful one. My job as a civil celebrant is to provide you with the best-quality service which caters for your personal needs to create that special day for you, your partner, your friends, and your family.

Whether you prefer a simple or elaborate traditional ceremony, a hand fasting or themed ceremony, or want to combine cultural and spiritual aspects, I am here to help you make it an amazing celebration. After all this is your special day, and your wish is my command and together we will form one unforgettable day for those involved.

I am a cheerful, happy, energetic, respectful, and modern celebrant who understands the importance of this day and the impact a quality celebrant can have in creating a wonderful ceremony you will remember fondly for the rest of your lives. Your ceremony should really be the highlight of your day, shared with smiles, laughter, and even some tears!

Having helped over 300 couples be united in marriage over the past 6 years since 2012, gives me great confidence that I can help create a wedding ceremony of your dreams. My style of ceremony delivery encompasses the romantic story of your relationship, accompanied by light hearted jokes along the way to put a smile on everyones faces. I am bi-lingual proficient in english and conversational in Chinese both Mandarin and Cantonese.

Over the years I have been engaged with many same sex ceremonies, in which LGBT couples celebrate their love for each other with family and friends. Due to the marriage laws of Australia, prior to 2018 these ceremonies were nothing more than a get together and the government did not recognise these are real marriages. Fortunately this has all turned around and Australia has taken the step forward in recognising marriage equality. I am a proud supporter of marriage equality for all, and gives me great pleasure I can now legally help LGBT couples become united as one through marriage.

My business is to ensure that each ceremony I conduct is unique and personal, that the service is tailored to exactly how the client wishes, and that all content is relevant to the couple to create an experience that will leave a lasting memory.

The most important recommendation for any couple is that they must be comfortable and happy working with their celebrant and trust that the celebrant can cater to their personal needs. The only way to find out is to start talking to the celebrant, so pick up the phone and give me a call. I am more than happy to answer any questions related to ceremonies, particularly wedding ceremonies, and start helping you create that special and momentous occasion.


Some services I provide beyond helping unite newly weds. From house blessings to vow renewals.

Get an idea of how a ceremony may look like, but of course it is your day so we can do anything you want

Helping couples reignite that spark, to celebrate milestones

Here is a list of some of the most popular and iconic wedding ceremony locations within Victoria.

List of some of the most well known wedding service providers in Victoria. A list to help you out choosing !

Any questions or forms you need? I have you all covered in here.

Fun& Modern

A young modern contemporary celebrant who understands the needs of newly weds. Advocate of LGBT same sex marriages.


No Frills

$450  Minimal requirements for marriage 5-10 mins

Personalised Touch

$700 Extemded and personalised caremony 15-25 mins

Happy Ever After

$880 Personalised with rehearsal on site and your wedding ceremony designed/printed in a memorabilia book


Other FAQ

1.) How do I choose the best civil marriage celebrant?

Choosing your marriage celebrant

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Choosing the right marriage celebrant will make sure your day is a memorable one.

You should ensure your proposed celebrant is authorised as a marriage celebrant under the Marriage Act 1961 by checking the Register of Marriage Celebrants or the List of Authorised Marriage Celebrants. You will find marriage celebrants from religious organisations as well as celebrants from non-recognised denominations on the list of authorised marriage celebrants.

You should make an appointment to meet a celebrant if you are uncertain. It is also advisable to confirm your wedding arrangements in writing in plenty of time before the day.

Marriage celebrants are encouraged to offer a choice of ceremonies where this is appropriate, or assist the couple in writing their own. You should feel comfortable with your celebrant and feel confident that he/she suits your needs and will complement your special day.

Providing notice of your intended marriage

Making a complaint
A mechanism has been developed to deal with complaints against marriage celebrants. If a complaint is found to be justified, sanctions may include a caution, a requirement that further professional development be undertaken, up to six (6) months suspension or deregistration.
Marriage celebrants have a right to be advised of a complaint against them and to put whatever material they think appropriate to the Registrar in their defence.

2.) Do marriage celebrants travel?

Does a Marriage Celebrant travel away from his/her local area?
Yes, most Marriage Celebrants are prepared to travel some distance from their homes, but there may be some who would prefer not to. However, you may have to pay an additional charge for mileage depending on the distance to be traveled; and if you require your Marriage Celebrant to travel other than by their own vehicle, you are responsible for the cost of airfares, ferry tickets or the like. You would therefore be well advised to check on this aspect with your Marriage Celebrant when you first enquire about the services he/she can provide.

3.) How much does a civil marriage celebrant cost?

Information on marriage celebrant fees
Civil marriage celebrants, authorised by the Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department, are entitled to charge for any services that they provide. Fees for weddings are not fixed and may vary from marriage celebrant to marriage celebrant. Make sure you reach an agreement on the fees before asking the celebrant to hold a date. You should also ensure you understand what charges are non-refundable and obtain a written statement of all fees and charges. Quality civil marriage celebrants spend a considerable period of time planning for your wedding day and have associated costs like all small business. For budgeting plan on between $500 – $800 plus travel if more than about 30 minutes from the marriage celebants home/office.

4.)When should the marriage celebrant arrive?

How long before the wedding does the Marriage Celebrant have to arrive?
According to the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants, your Marriage Celebrant should arrive at the venue for your ceremony no later than the time that had been agreed with you in your discussions with him/her prior to your wedding. Your Marriage Celebrant should allow sufficient time for laying out the required paperwork and for setting-up and testing his/her equipment (if it is to be used) in a timely manner.

However, where your Marriage Celebrant has been engaged to perform other marriages on the same day as yours, the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants stipulates very clearly that he/she must be available at the venue for your marriage ceremony at least 20 minutes before the agreed commencement time (unless, of course, the Marriage Celebrant in question will be conducting consecutive ceremonies at the same venue).

5.) Do marriage celebrants need to provide a rehearsal?

Code of Practice re wedding rehearsals
The Code of Practice for Civil Marriage Celebrants states your celebrant, if requested, will conduct a rehearsal. The Celebrant may charge a fee for this service. Discuss options and costs with your Celebrant.

6.) How do we change our marriage celebrant?

Transfering your NOIM
If for some reason you need to change your marriage celebrant, it is the responsibility of the first marriage celebrant to ensure the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form is transferred safely to the second celebrant by hand or registered post. You must ask the celebrant to transfer the notice for you.

7.) Notice of Intended Marriage

Notice of Intended Marriage form to be lodged with marriage celebrant minimum i day and 1 month prior to wedding and up to maximum 18 month prior to wedding


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