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Four People You Must Have On Your Wedding Day

Four People You Must Have On Your Wedding Day

Four People You Must Have If You Want An Epic Wedding Day

Wedding Celebrant

So many people overlooked the importance of a great celebrant, but trust me, they can really make a wedding. A good celebrant will keep your wedding warm, authentic & refreshingly relaxed. They commands a room, moves them and tells your love story as you want it to be told. They can make your wedding day something you will never forget!

Wedding Day coordinator

They will be your superhero and will sure no drama will arise on your most important day. A good wedding day coordinator will make sure that all the cogs are spinning behind the scenes. You may not even ever know that something lit on fire or someone tried to crash your wedding… the wedding day coordinator will be ensuring your wedding experience is effortlessly enjoyable while managing these issues as they arise. These people are very skilled at what they do and it’s very likely that they are actually secret miracle workers.


Music sets everyone mood on the venue.  A good musician, band or DJ will fill the room with music, entertain the crowd and read the room perfectly and match their needs. They will make sure that you and your guests have a time worth remembering. It could be a DJ, duo, Band or combination – whatever your hearts desire.


The last but not the least, you need a very confident photographer that will fit in with your guests and not be afraid to tell them to smile for a pic. Someone who always ready to get the magic shots when you need them to be. Whether they need to fit into the background or be the life of the party, making sure you get along with them is really important, as you will be spending most of this monumental day with them – almost as much as you will be spending with your new spouse!