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Tips on Writing Your Wedding Vows

Tips on Writing Your Wedding Vows

If you and your fiance have agreed to write vows, you’ll need to put your promises on paper. There is technically no wrong way to do this

The Basic Anatomy of Wedding Vows:
  • Beginning – The Past: How did you meet? when did you know it was serious? What Challenges have you faced together?
  • Middle – The Present: What brought you to this day? How do you feel about marrying your partner? What’s the one thing you want to tell them on our wedding?
  • Ending – The Future: Goals you want to achieve with your partnet and the future you see together. Probably mention love here. and make sure to include at least 3 to 4 promises here.

Now that you know the basic structure for your wedding vows, it’s time to get into the details. Follow these pro tips and show everyone exactly why you are marriage material.

  • RESEARCH – Read some traditional vows—these could be of any religion or culture. You can also watch on YouTube vows written by couples to get a feel for the length and structure. Think about the kinds of promises these couples are making to one another.
  • REFLECT ON YOUR RELATIONSHIP – Get sentimental. Gather 5 to 10 of your favorite memories from your time together: what drew you to your partner, the ways you’ve supported each other, and why you think you’ll make a great husband.
  • TONE IS IMPORTANT – It’s great to throw in a quick, good-natured joke. Ideally, your vows will be equal parts touching, funny, and hopeful for your future.
  • MAKE SOME PROMISES – Finesse those memories and ideas into promises. Three or four should do it.
  • OUTLINE IT – Make an outline. Feel free to map out your vows as you see fit.
  • EDIT WHAT YOU JUST WROTE – Remove 90 percent of the inside jokes you find, and don’t include anything that would embarrass you, your family, and, most importantly, the bride.
  • MAKE A CLEAN COPY – Does it look good? Great! Print out a shiny new, legible copy and keep the draft on your computer for further edits and more copies.
  • PRACTICE – Find a mirror and read your vows aloud. If something is clunky or off, you’ll hear it as you read. Make notes as you go for minor adjustments. Then do it again with the changes.
  • MAKE YOUR FINAL COPY, AND PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK – Even if you decide to memorize them, keep a copy of your vows on you during the ceremony just in case.
  • EXTRA CREDIT – On your wedding day, remember that you’re just talking to your fiancé. Don’t let the (possibly hundreds of) other humans steal your focus—you wrote this for your partner.

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