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Reasons Why LGBT Marriage Should Be Legal Around The World

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Reasons Why LGBT Marriage Should Be Legal Around The World

Why shouldn’t an individual be able to marry the person they love simply because of their sexual preference? Depriving individuals of that just isn’t right. Let’s discuss the reasons why same sex marriage should be legal.

Equal benefits

LGBT marriage should be legal around the world because it provides equal benefits to everone. Before legalization in the United States, gay couples had no hospital visitation rights. This means that if an unfortunate emergency occurred, the partner was not allowed to visit their life loveone because they were not legally married. Legalizing LGBT marriage also provides benefits pertaining to taxation, inheritance and financial protection. Did you know that before the legalization of lgbt marriage, gay men, and lesbian women were deprived of more than 1,000 federal rights and benefits?

It delivers a very positive message

Prejudice and discrimination have impacted our society in the ugliest of ways. Some of the most awful times in history were largely due to unfair treatment of a specific group for whatever reason. Let’s not forget the civil rights issue. Refusing a group of their right to marry sends the message that prejudice and discrimination are acceptable. That message only prevents society from evolving and even worse, paints the LGBT community as inferior. Recognizing everyone’s rights, however, helps reverse the problem. Humans rights must be in alignment for society to thrive.

Family stability

Another big reason why gay marriage should be legal has to do with children and family stability. There are numerous same sex couples raising children in loving homes. Although loving, without legalizing lgbt marriages, those children are denied the stability associated with being in a household with gay parents. For example, when gay marriage was not legal, child support was an issue when their parents decided to split. No matter who a child’s parents are, there is no reason not to provide them with the same protections as those raised by a mother and father.

Increases the number of successful adoptions

Another reason why lgbt marriage should be legal is that it can surely increase the adoption rate in any country. Millions of children around the world are homeless and looking for loving parents to adopt them and agencies are more inclined to release children to married couples due to the stability they provide. LGBT couples have been discriminated against by these agencies but being able to legally married eliminates the reason not to allow them to adopt a child. LGBT couples often turn to adoption since having a child of their own can be costly. A rise in adoption rates means more children have parents to love and care for them rather than living in foster homes moving from one home to another. It makes no sense to deny children of living in a happy home (perhaps with siblings) and parents that love them.

There is simply no enough reasons not to

There are plenty of reasons not to support lgbt marriage, none of these reasons are good! Many of the arguments against same-sex marriage are based on religious beliefs that have no logical basis in fact. While everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, legislation should not be determined by the blind faith of one segment of society. One example of a completely unfounded reason for opposing same sex marriage is that it is a violation of natural law. This assertion is based on the concept that sex itself is for the sole purpose of procreation, and that any sexual act not intended for this purpose is sin. However, if this were true then why would other species, including dolphins, also participate in recreational lovemaking, and why would homosexuality exist in over 15,000 species? Surely a phenomenon that is so widespread couldn’t violate the laws of nature. In fact, homosexuality is a part of nature just like sexuality is, a fact proven by brain scans that demonstrate real and natural differences between heterosexual and homosexual subjects. Perhaps most importantly, homosexuality doesn’t hurt anyone. So why not support the right of two people to be legally joined if there is no good reason not to do so?

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