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Picking The Right Venues For Your Wedding Day

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Picking The Right Venues For Your Wedding Day

Wedding day is the most special day in everyone’s life and so, the wedding venue has to reflect the mood of the day. Here are some advice that will help you in the process when choosing the perfect venue on your wedding day.

1. Take your time! you can’t just decide your wedding venues in a hurry. It is always suggested to start looking for a decent place earlier in advance as good venues tend to be difficult book later.

2. Choose a good wedding theme. Deciding a theme of the wedding venue and all the decorations can add interesting flavor to your wedding day,

3. An ideal wedding venue should be comfortable to be reached by even those who are not familiar with the surroundings or the area. It is always helpful to print the map of the location along with a landmark to enable your guest find it easily on your wedding day.

4. Choosing wedding venues also depend on whether you would like to have an out or indoor wedding. Nature lovers find garden, beach or mountain locations whereas others prefer halls, hotels etc as their wedding venue.

5. If your budget is limited, you can always make up for that by choosing interesting backdrops for photographs so that it make up for the richness and leaves you with good memories.

6. You must also ensure that the seating arrangement is comfortable and people find it easy to move around and meet other guests. A rough head count therefore would help as it will allow you to make the arrangements in a better way.

7. Changing rooms and wash rooms are also necessary especially for the children, ladies, and elderly guests.

8. A wedding venue without descent parking area can spoil all the fun for you and your guests. So make sure that you check parking arrangements in advance and appoint someone from your friends or family to take care of all the parking issues for your guest.

9. If you are planning to have a destination wedding, restrict the guest head count to 20 – 30. Having more than 30 people at a distant location can be a reason for anxiety for the organizer on such an important day.

10. On the lighter side, don’t forget to give your wedding celebrant the instructions to reach the wedding venue well before the time.

For wedding venue options please see our recommendation list of awesome venues list here: https://auscelebrant.com.au/wedding-services/location/