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How To Choose a Wedding Celebrant For Your Most Important Day

How To Choose a Wedding Celebrant For Your Most Important Day

Your wedding celebrant plays an important role in your most important day. Having a great celebrant can add to the fun and make the ceremony more memorable.

Do some online research

First thing you do is Google. Just search civil marriage celebrant or wedding celebrant or better add it with your location and you should see a list of website on the results.  Also when researching for a celebrant, be sure to ask yourself first, these following questions below:

  • Do you want a male or female celebrant?
  • Do you want them to be able to legally marry you or not? Some people will choose to have the legal element done in a registry office or their own country and then have someone perform a separate ceremony on their wedding day.
  • Is budget a factor in choosing the wedding celebrant? If yes, then it is worth beginning your research with local celebrant. It’s better to get a celebrant living near your area as it’s often be less expensive as they do not have to charge you travel fees.
  • Read reviews, either on the celebrants website or profile or wedding forums.

Choose a celebrant you connect with

There is nothing bad than watching a marriage ceremony where the celebrant comes across with a monotone voice, has no connection to the couple and just looks like they are going through the motions. Before booking them on your wedding, be sure you have a phone, Skype call or meeting with them first to ensure that you connect with them. Make sure they get what you want to achieve and that you can relax and has a good impression with them. The day itself will be full of emotion and joy and you want someone who will buy into that too and feel excited to perform your ceremony.

Working with a good celebrant will also help you to bring more of your personality into the wedding. They will give you advice on what can be included outside of the required legal elements. It is a really good sign if your celebrant asks to have a Skype call with you so that they can get a feel for you both as a couple, your personalities and what you might like to include on the day. They can suggest poems or readings that might suit you or different elements for the ceremony such as hand fasting, ring warming or sand ceremony.

Once you have booked your celebrant ask them to email you a draft of your ceremony or a sample from a previous wedding so you can get an idea of what the ceremony will consist of. Do this within the first weeks of contacting them so that the details you discussed are still fresh in your mind. Discussing the details of the ceremony early on with your partner will help give you both a focus for what you want from the ceremony and the day itself. By tackling this early in the planning process it allows you to really think about the ceremony without the time pressures you will have doing it nearer the wedding date when you have other tasks on the to-do list.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get everything documented.

Whatever celebrant you book make sure that you receive a contract agreement from them with confirmation of any deposit you have paid to secure their services. Read it carefully and confirm that everything you agreed is in the contract and you know exactly what has been agreed and what services will be provided.

Make sure you ask the appropriate questions in advance of the contract signing. Below is a list of example questions you should ask:

  • How many hours does their celebrant fee cover?
  • If the celebrant has an unexpected accident or get sick and they are unable to perform the wedding, what arrangements do they have in place?
  • Is there a late fee if the bride or groom is very late?
  • When is the balance payment due?
  • How many meetings are included.
  • Travel expenses included in the fee.

Celebrant outfit

Your celebrant outfit still need to fit in with your wedding style and theme. For example you don’t want colours, pattern clashing with the bridal party or having the same suit as the groom. Remember it is the couple that should stand out not the celebrant. Don’t make assume that the celebrant will wear the appropriate attire. It is important to ask and suggest to them what they will be wearing on the day even if you have seen pictures of them on Facebook or their website looking smart and well dressed,