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Five Simple Wedding Style Advice Every Groom Should Know

wedding style tips for groom

Five Simple Wedding Style Advice Every Groom Should Know

Be Your Best of You

Your wedding day is not the time to debut a new haircut or try an outlandish trend. Your bride-to-be wants to marry the guy she fell in love with. Feel and Be like your best self, just impeccably dressed.

No Need For Belt

Visit a good tailor to get your pants fit properly and you won’t need a belt. Ask your tailor to remove the belt loops for a cleaner look.

Tie Your Bow Tie.
If you plan to wear a bow tie, learn how to tie one. Wearing a pre-tied bow tie is like wearing a clip-on necktie: unacceptable.

Get The Best Shoes.
You can tell a lot about a man by the shoes he chooses to wear. A quality pair will make a positive statement, so plan to put some extra budget towards them.

Ready Your Outfit Options.
Many brides wear a second look for the wedding reception. Grooms have options too. Wear a classic full tuxedo for the ceremony, and then change into a sleek dinner jacket for a second look.

And 2 Things to Avoid

Matching your wedding colors. Before you rent a vest that matches the bridesmaids’ dresses, know that you can achieve a more classic and stylish look by adding subtle pops of color in the floral boutonniere, lapel pin, cuff links, or a great patterned pocket square.

Outshining your bride. The bride is the star of the show on your wedding day. Grooms should be the perfect complement in every way. Match her gown’s level of formality and style.